74% of consumers want fashion brands to reduce packaging

Nosto recently commissioned an online study of 2,000 consumers in the US and UK to understand perspectives around sustainability. It found that 50% of consumers who desire sustainable fashion would be more likely to buy clothes from companies they know are committed to sustainability, while 28% of them would stop buying clothes from a company if they find out it is not committed to the cause.


Additionally, 57% try to keep clothes longer because it’s better for the environment — though survey results revealed a larger gap between men and women in this category (52% vs. 60% respectively).


The report also revealed that consumers have clear ideas on how they want fashion brands to become more sustainable. 75% say they want brands to reduce the amount of packaging they use, while 74% say provide fair pay and good working conditions. 73% say they want them to use renewable and recyclable materials, and 71% want them to make clothes that are designed to last longer.


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