Google announced two new ad formats

Google announced two new ad formats for retail and brand advertisers ahead of the holiday shopping season that deliver shopping experiences on third-party sites, in Google Image search and in Google Search.

Now, Google is rolling out another space for retail and brand marketers to extend the footprint of their video assets. This time in Search with videos in Showcase Shopping ads.

Showcase ads are the multi-image Shopping format that Google rolled out last year. When users click on the ads, they go to a Google-hosted landing page that features promotions, descriptions and select products from the advertiser’s product feed. They typically display on brand and broad queries.
Videos are displayed in the featured image position. After clicking on the ad, the video plays in full at the top of the Google-hosted landing page that features a selection of products from the advertiser’s product feed.


Google says more than one-third of holiday shoppers last year searched for images before shopping in a store. To get in front of those people as they look for images on other sites as well as Google Image search, Google is releasing Shoppable Image ads.

Clicking on the tag icon in a Shoppable Image ad on a third-party site brings up a carousel of product listing ads with products similar to what is shown in the image.
On Google Image search, the Shoppable Image ads are large units. Products shown in the image are labeled with prices. The units are tagged as “Sponsored” and also have a white shopping label icon in the lower left corner.




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