Just 1 in 10 online shoppers visit a brand’s website when searching for products

A new report from inRiver, a leading provider of product information management technology, reveals that almost half (45%) of consumers go to Amazon first when looking for a specific product. The online giant has become a go-to source for product information, price comparisons and consumer reviews.

In contrast, just 28% turn to a search engine first in their search for a product, and only 11% visit a brand’s website as a first source of information. The just-released report looks at the quality of product in relation to turning online shoppers from browsers to buyers, based on insight from 6,088 consumers across Europe.

With short attention spans from consumers, brands and retailers have to choose the right medium of information. One third (33%) of respondents say videos that show products in different contexts are most helpful in their buying decision. Almost one fifth (18%) of respondents want to see products demonstrated by influencers. The impact of influencer marketing rises to 28% among 18-24-year olds, suggesting there are ways to give shoppers more confidence in products than they currently have. YouTube is the most trusted platform for video information about products (49% trust the platform the most) followed by Facebook (32%).

94% of online shoppers say product information is important or critical to their purchasing decision.

Of the 22% of consumers who say the products that they buy online rarely meet their expectations, nearly half will usually or always return items (48%).

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