Push notificationsvs SMS vs Email. Infographics

Push notifications, emails, and SMS can reach consumers in a personalized way and all three of them act similar to meet multiple marketing goals.
Perhaps that is why professionals compare these three techs as if they are inter-replaceable. However, it is not. PushMaze infographics show how email, SMS and push notifications achieve marketing goals.
Three channels have their strengths and weaknesses, and in many situations they can be replaced with one another. But with the audience targeting exhaustively, marketers need to mix all three channels.
Nevertheless, studies have revealed that Open Rate indicator (viewing level) for SMS is 98%, for email — 22%, for push notifications — 50%.
CTR for email is 7%, for SMS — 14%.
·     55% of app users agree to receive push notifications on their smartphones
·     70% feel that push notifications are useful
·     52% look for relevant information and offers.
Moreover, the following benefits of push notification service make them highly suitable for all kinds of marketing communications:
— Increased Customer Engagement
— Limited personal details required
— Real-time Analytics
— Cost-effective options with FCM-based push notification tools.
— Free from spam filters
Audience segmentation on grounds like Age group, Gender, Location etc.
Dynamic behavior-based triggering like geo-fencing
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