Study: 70% of respondents tend to click on ads in the main news feed.

Most users believe that advertising in the networks has occupied their feed, but nevertheless, they click on it.

Blue Fountain Media research surveyed over 1,000 US consumers between the ages of 18-55 to learn more about their experiences, sentiments, and behaviors when served paid ads on social media platforms.

According to a study, 75% of respondents say that there are too many advertisements in their feed, but 70% click on it and make a purchase.

Here are some chief findings:

The Social Media Channel on which they’re most likely to click on an ad:
– Facebook: 38%
– Instagram: 37%
– YouTube: 14%
– Twitter: 5%
– Pinterest: 4%
– LinkedIn: 2%

Buying Behavior:
– 69% want to visit a company’s website before buying a product off of their social feed.
– Only 10% will just click and buy a product. And 21% say they will never buy through a social media ad.
– 69% say they will buy from an unknown brand if they like the product. 18% say they must know the brand.

Ads in the feed are more effective than in Stories, as 70% responded that they are more likely to click on ads that appear in a media channel’s main feed.

What do users like about ads?
– 65% say they like that social media ads show them products that they are interested in and wouldn’t have found otherwise.
– 31% like the presence of ads so they won’t have to pay for using their social channels they enjoy.
– 36% say discounts are the biggest motivation to buy a product.
– 61% don’t mind ads that target them by demographic.

Celebrity or Influencer Endorsements:
– according to a study, 51% will purchase from a celebrity or influencer endorsed brand.
– 8% making the purchase even if they have no interest in the product.
– 56% question the authenticity of a celebrity or influencer endorsement.

Biggest turn-offs when it comes to social media ads:
– 28% say when they have no interest in the product.
– 27% say ads that use audio.
– 23% say similar ads that keep following them once they click on an ad once.
– 16% say it’s getting more ads than content from family and friends.
– 6% say they hate that the more they buy – the more ads they get.

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