The study called gen Z’s most loved brands

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence, a survey research technology company, announced which companies are favorited by Gen Z. Following Google, the most popular companies included Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Oreo.

To determine this year’s rankings, morning consult measured favorability score, trust score, community impact score, and net promoter score.

Many companies and brands are attractive to the younger generation due to one-day delivery, inclusive campaigns, social media and appeal to emotions.

The results were based on two separate survey blocks conducted online. The first had between 425 and 1,435 Americans aged 18-21 rate brands overall. The second, which dived into demographics, spanned surveys of 169 and 1,220 Americans.

Other highlights include:
– The category of most loved by women included Bath & Body Works, Walt Disney, and Dove.
– Gen Z males, meanwhile, have a soft spot for Playstation, Doritos , and Marvel Studios.
– In the most-loved-by-ideology category, Chick-fil-A nabbed the No. 3 spot for conservatives, while Pixar came in at No. 10 for liberals.
– Urban communities ranked Nike as the fifth favorite brand. In suburban communities, that ranking number belongs to Nintendo.

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