The World’s Most Valuable Brands List — Forbes

The How Much edition has visualized the Forbes ranking of the World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2019. Only three companies have brand values over $100B.

Six of the top seven most valuable brands are in tech. Apple’s brand ($205.5B) is worth nearly four times more than the most valuable non-tech brand, Coca-Cola ($59.2B). The list of the five most valuable brands is unchanged since last year. Among the top ten most valuable brands, there are only two changes from last year: first, McDonald’s made the list at number 10, replacing AT&T (now at number 11); second, Amazon and Facebook switched places for 2019 at ranks 4 and 5, respectively.

The World’s Top Ten Most Valuable Brands in 2019:

1. Apple (Technology): $205.5B
2. Google (Technology): $167.7B
3. Microsoft (Technology): $125.3B
4. Amazon (Technology): $97.0B
5. Facebook (Technology): $88.9B
6. Coca-Cola (Beverages): 59.2B
7. Samsung (Technology): $53.1B
8. Disney (Leisure): $52.2B
9. Toyota (Automotive): $44.6B
10. McDonald’s (Restaurants): $43.8B

Amazon in particular had a noteworthy year, with the biggest gain in value among all brands. Its gain was enough to unseat Facebook (who fell 6% in value) to take the number 4 spot. Facebook, for its part, was one of only two tech companies (along with Huawei) to lose in brand value since last year, likely due in part to its ongoing controversies over user privacy.

At the top of the tech chain remains Apple. With a valuation of over $200 billion, it remains by far the top brand in the tech industry, let alone the overall marketplace.
There are signs of life, however, in the brand power of non-tech companies. Iconic brands Disney and Coca-Cola haven’t given up their top 10 spot yet, and Gucci’s brand value increased by over 24% last year. Not bad for a brand founded nearly 100 years ago.

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